Sunday, October 18, 2015

Large Floor cloth in Black and White

3' X 7'
$230.00     SOLD            
                                    Great for an entryway or hallway.

This is a generous sized floor cloth, great for an entryway or hallway, or maybe in your kitchen.  I created the design to go along with the Halloween Holiday, but it can certainly be used all year long.

All hand painted and designed by me on heavy canvas.  All my floor cloths are made with the utmost of care.  Starting with raw canvas that is stretched, hemmed and primed on both sides.  The design side will have up to 3 coats of the basic color and then the design will be painted on top.  After the paint cures, 4 to 6 coats of polyurethane is applied.  The whole process can take up to 4 weeks to produce.

Designed and created by Susie Krichbaum of Willow Hollow Creations

New Wands


Everyone needs a little magic in their life.  Try a fun magic wand.

All hand made and created with clay, paints, beads and stones.  A lot of fun to make and everyone is so different.

Your wand will come with a velvet bag for storage or travel as you fly away on your broom.

**not a child's toy